Top 5 Fall Essentials To Add To Your Wardrobe

Top 5 Fall Essentials To Add To Your Wardrobe

Now that fall season has arrived, it’s a great time to update your wardrobe with a few key items, that will be certainly used in the winter as well. It may seem very confusing in terms of what items are good to keep? Luckily, it’s not as hard as it seems.


Here are my top 5 must haves for this season:


  1. A cardigan is always a great piece to keep you warm without adding too much layers.
  2. A cozy sweater is a must for this season. Play with colors and textures to create harmony in your looks.
  3. Another way to play with texture is adding a leather jacket to any outfit. It adds dimension and a Rockstar vibe to your looks. It’s also a great item to wear day or night.
  4. For those non-stop rainy days, especially if you live in a city like New York, having waterproof boots will save you from freezing. A pair of waterproof boots can be a little challenging to style, but with a pair of jeans, and a coat, you can create a unique combination and look very stylish for those humid days.
  5. Scarfs are hard to go out of season, but fall is the perfect time to play with them. They can add color and texture while giving you extra warmth. So, it’s the perfect accessory for this season.


Here’s a video where I show you 3 ideas of summer to fall styles introducing sweaters and a leather jacket to create chic and stylish outfits.


Hope you enjoy!


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