Our Social Dilemma: A Take on Netflix’s Documentary

Our Social Dilemma: A Take on Netflix’s Documentary

Many times I’ve spent on social media frustrated because I don’t have many followers, which scares me because I’m letting myself be defined by a number. An insignificant number that doesn’t show a glimpse of who I truly am.

So is that our new resume?? Most brands think so, instead of evaluating the work on their feed, they take into consideration how many people have liked their posts, how many people have commented on their posts, and how many people have shared their posts. So we’re determining that success is defined by others opinions, and yet we promote on these platforms the opposite. We create campaigns related to “mental health awareness month” but if our video didn’t get at least 1,000 views, it’s no use. So what does it really matter? What’s the value of the content that we’re promoting?


Quote on Quote: The Social Dilemma:


“The difference between a bicycle and social platform is that the bicycle is considered a tool for us to benefit from and that’s the main purpose with which it was created, meanwhile a social platform like Instagram is creating zombies to engage their most valuable attention so they can monetize from it and promote ads that are incentivized by the views they gets.”


“The only two industries that call their clients users are illegal drugs and social media.”


SOCIAL MEDIA IS A DRUG! It’s addictive and it creates a dependency.


“It’s a digital pacifier that’s used to calm down anxiety, but instead creates less engagement and connection between people. Genuine connection, to be clear, not a like or a comment.”


What’s out future going to look like? Is it a robotic atmosphere where we don’t get to experience what surrounds us? I’m committed to not let myself fall into that and instead work towards becoming my best self.


And you? Are you committed to live your best life? Or stay attached to a screen?


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