How To Create A Natural Makeup Look For Work

How To Create A Natural Makeup Look For Work

Stress is caused by two things: having to complete multiple tasks, and having little or no time to get ready. Can you relate?

Owning a presentable image is so important to achieve proper interactions in our daily lives, especially for us women.

The way we look is essential to influence our emotional state, and therefore, it affects how we manage any situation.

Get that pressure off your shoulders! Here’s my version on how to look beautiful and ready to conquer the world, featuring a quick natural makeup look in just 8 easy steps.


The Base

1. Starting with the base, having high quality skin care is essential to achieve a flawless complexion. With that, a good quality foundation is a must. Make sure you choose one that best suits your skin type and tone.

For me, a tinted moisturizer is a go to every time, because it’s lightweight which helps prevent the “cake face” (ain’t nobody got time for that!). I used the Cream Tint from Lush Cosmetics in the tone fair.


Cover Those Under Eyes Gracefully

2. If you suffer from very dark circles on the under eye area, a medium to high coverage concealer is an excellent choice. But careful! Do not go overboard.

The trick is to use a little amount of product in order to cover the necessary areas (I add 3 little dots on the under eye area). Also, using the right tools will determine the finish of your look.

I used the serum concealer by Bare Minerals in the shade light.


Blending = Flawless

3. To blend the base, I always go for a sponge (the Real Techniques Beauty Blender) or my trusty fingers. The warmth of your fingers help melt the product into your skin, making the blending process a whole lot easier.

Remember, this is a natural makeup look. The key is to accentuate your features, not hide them.


Set And Show

4. Setting your face properly is also an important step. This is the key to making your makeup last all day! But to make this, not every powder will suit you.

Instead of press powders, choose a translucent loose powder. The extra fine particles will help to set the areas that you need. I used the Laura Mercier Translucent Powder.

My favorite tools to use with this product is a big brush with soft bristles, because it helps blend the excess product away. My favorite is from Bella Cosmetics.


Those Cheekbones Tho’

5. For the contour part, you don’t need to go overboard. Add a small amount to your cheekbones, neck and forehead (I used the Hoola Bronzer by Benefit).

Eyes That Pop

6. Let’s talk about the eyes. For this look, go for the minimum, add a bit of mascara (the one I used is by Perricone MD in the shade dark brown) and a brown shadow to the crease (I used the same bronzer).


This technique mimics the natural shadows of your eyes, just like the contouring does your face structure.

Brow wow!

7. The brows are very important, they’re the frame of your face. Forget about the super done Instagram brow, go for the natural and bushy look instead.

To achieve this effect, use a brow gel over a pomade or a pencil. This adds a hint of tint and little fibers to fill in those sparse areas without making them look drawn on (I used the Benefit brow gel).

Juicy Lips 

8. Finally, the lips. For everyday you can just use a gloss or a balm.

Dare to add a bold lip like this red in the shade Tannin by Bite Beauty, and give your natural makeup look a pop of color.


Comment below if you’re interested in a detailed Skin Care routine, to give you an idea of the different products and steps that are recommended to take care of your skin. **This is essential for you makeup to look the best.

Hope you enjoyed these tips and that you try them yourself. Let me know in the comment section below your results or any other suggestions, and tag me on social media. I want to see how it worked for you!

All my love to you,






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