How To Master The Multimasking Technique

How To Master The Multimasking Technique

Believe it or not, our skin is composed by multiple textures and therefore multiple concerns that need to be treated differently.

Have you ever noticed how oily your T Zone can be and how dry your cheeks seem at the same time? That’s why!

The trick is to use instead of one, multiple face masks that can target those areas to get the most effective treatment and achieve the best results.

Here’s how to master the multimasking technique! I show you 3 of the best masks I’ve tried to combat several areas of my face along with the benefits I receive from this personalized spa indulgence.

Combat the oil!

This mask from First Aid Beauty has a gel consistency that’s very sticky. When it dries you peel it off and get that oil out. This mask is best used on the T Zone area or where  ever you feel your skin accumulates the most amount of oil and sebum.

Hydrate and Protect

With the high source of Zinc found in cilantro and the Vitamin C in orange, your skin will thank you.

These super power ingredients work together to intensely hydrate and protect the outer barrier of the skin, leaving it illuminated and soft.

This mask by Kiehl’s is best used on the cheek bone area or the areas of your face where you’re mostly dry.

Honey scrub that dead skin away

Another powerful ingredient: Honey. This rich mask from Lush Cosmetics, embraces the skin revitalization with this nature’s antioxidant and ground almonds to exfoliate away the dirt.

Although this mask is very hydrating, it’s also great to use it on oily zones to decongest and sooth the skin.

And Voila! You’ve officially learned how to master the multimasking technique. Not a big science isn’t it? But trust me, it will change your beauty routine for good.

Let me know which are you favorite masks and if you try this technique, tell me about your results.

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