A Lipstick You Can Eat.

A Lipstick You Can Eat.

It can be the ultimate game changer in makeup, being that one product that let’s you switch up your looks and be more versatile.

But did you know? We practically eat our lip products as the day goes by.

Never thought about it huh?

We do it unconsciously without being aware of all the chemicals we’re swallowing, such as petroleum in some products.

Yes! Petroleum. As gross as it sounds, it can actually damage our body little by little.

With this fact in mind, Susanne Langmuir developed Bite Beauty, a brand that introduces a range of lip products that are safe to use, made with 100% natural ingredients.


Just like with food, Susanne believed in the power of organic resources as the base for anything we put in our bodies:

“Essentially, what you put on your lips you also ingest, so the reliability of using things that are food-based was really appealing.” – S.Langmuir

I’ve used this brand for over a week, and I’m very impressed with not only the quality of the product, but its pigment and how it doesn’t bleed or smudge through out the day.

Now that I’ve mentioned the star of the show, here’s a look I created with my favorite shade from this brand.

A natural base with a bold lip, inspired in french beauty trends.

You can find Bite Beauty products in Sephora or at their website: http://www.bitebeauty.com/



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