How I Got Rid of Acne

How I Got Rid of Acne

Acne ruins people’s lives!

That was my thought at 16. As a teenager, living with acne was tough, especially with peer pressure around. I remember feeling so self-conscious about my image, and how others saw me. Acne was rough on me, but it was just a matter of having resourceful information to learn how to beat it.

The best ingredients for your skin care

I remember when my mom gave me my first skin care kit. It was by Clinique and I was twelve years old, the age when I got my first period. I had my basic 3 step routine: cleanser, toner and moisturizer, and I followed those steps by the book.

From a very young age, I took my skincare very seriously because having a healthy complexion was very important to me. As I grew, my body changed, and therefore so did my skin. I started to have acne at 16 and it hit my confidence right in the gut.

I tried almost every product in the market, and nothing worked. I even tried several homemade skin care remedies, but nothing changed. I felt defeated, frustrated, ugly. I remember asking my mom once: “Mom, will I ever get my skin back?” Her eyes watered and encouraged me to not feel hopeless because it was all going to get better.

A few years later, I discovered the world of YouTube and beauty tutorials from which I started learning more about other women’s experiences with their skin. I started to look more into skin care products, their ingredients and effects. That’s when I discovered my sulfate allergy. I realized that sulfate was an ingredient most of my skin care products had in common and they weren’t helping my skin get better.

I decided to try out brands that did not included ingredients like parabens or sulfates, and the first brand I bought was Cerave. Ever since I tried their foaming cleanser, I haven’t stopped using it. It helped me cleanse my skin without irritating it, opposite to what sulfate was doing. I started to regain my confidence and did a whole skincare make over. Finally, things were actually getting better.

“You are what you eat.”

When I turned 22, I started having terrible heart burn attacks. It was my biggest nightmare. I was experiencing the worst stomach pains and I couldn’t identify what was the cause of it. By this time, my brother was living a vegan lifestyle and had a handful of information about health issues that where related to the food that we consume. This caught my attention instantly.

I became intrigued by the fact that we truly are what we eat, and how our body works around it. As I started researching and learning about this topic, I became obsessed with food and the effects it has on our distinctive body functions. For example, how animal products turn into bacteria and toxins that are hard to digest or how high sugar foods lead to health conditions like diabetes, and even cancer (Learn more here).

That’s when I decided to become a vegetarian.

I eliminated products like meat, fried and processed food as well as sugary drinks and decreased my alcohol consumption by 90% (meaning I only drink red wine on special occasions). With this change in my eating habits, my skin healed almost 85%. The cystic acne was finally gone, and that alone was a great relief. 

Getting physical is the key to your metabolism

Exercising frequently is like running the motor of your car. It’s important to be physically active in order to promote the blood flow and therefore, help your body function properly. It helped improve my flexibility and made me feel stronger. This also helped to kick my metabolism and accelerate it for multiple benefits, including weight loss and detoxification of the body.

I’ve recently started Keyla Itsines BBG program which combines cardio and muscle definition. It has been great! I started seeing results in less than a month.

If you prefer not to purchase an exercising program at the moment, cardio workouts are always great. Some of my favorite are running, the elliptical and Hit workouts with little resting time between repetitions.

My best self

As of today, I feel my best self. My skin has completely healed, and I haven’t had acne since I did all of these changes in my lifestyle. But don’t get me wrong! It has taken time and patience for me to get the desired results. It has taken years of research and learn the best ways to take care of my body. Luckily there’s more awareness and information about these topics, which makes it easier to understand how to build your best self.

Brands that I love

The products that I use for my skin are sulfate and paraben free, which helps cleanse without dehydrating nor irritating it for an everyday use.

Here are some of the brands I recommend for skin care and hair care:


  • Cerave
  • Lush
  • Summer Fridays
  • La Roche Possay
  • Elta MD
  • Belif
  • First Aid Beauty


Hope you enjoyed learning about my skin journey and that it motivates you to make a positive change in yours.



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