5 Healthy Habits for Energy

5 Healthy Habits for Energy

As part of my current morning routine, I’ve incorporated various habits that have helped me become more productive, focused and energized. These habits are LIFE CHANGING! Because they really work.

I’ve been doing this routine for almost 2 months now and I’ve seen an incredible improvement in my health (weight, and mind). I’ve always struggled with lack of motivation and energy throughout the day, and I figured that it may be that I’m not getting the proper nutrients or that I’m simply not sticking to a routine nor being consistent. These habits will help your body and mind stay present and feel more proactive as time passes, becoming more and more positive towards your daily tasks and even your long-term goals.

  1. Wake up early (5am-7am)

Waking up early has helped me get more done during the day and feeling more relaxed in the evening, which has helped me sleep better. Because I get the most done in the mornings, I feel I have more time in the evenings to do things like groceries, exercise, and/or cooking.

  1. Drink your greens

Having a green juice every morning before eating my breakfast helps my metabolism and my energy levels to rise. It’s a great way to get your nutrients and green veggies, especially if you’re not a fan of consuming them throughout the day.

  1. Meditate and stretch

When you stretch, you’re releasing your body from unwanted fluids and toxins you don’t need, plus it helps activate your blood circulation. Meditating helps set your mood for the day and helps you practice the habit of visualizing your goals for a clearer and more focused mind.

  1. Have a healthy breakfast

Whatever you eat in the morning will drive your body throughout the day, that’s why it’s so important to consume healthy fats, lean proteins and carbs to sustain that wonderful machine that does so much for you: your body. Take it seriously!

  1. Write down your thoughts

Journaling is a fantastic way to organize your thoughts and pump that creative side of our brains, because sometimes we just need to get our thoughts out to understand what we want or need in the moment. Doing this habit daily will help you know yourself better and get more ideas to be more productive at work and even in your personal life.


I hope you enjoyed these tips and apply them to your lifestyles.


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