How to Get Your Blog Noticed by The Media?

How to Get Your Blog Noticed by The Media?

In order to manage the exposure of your blog to the audience and media channels, you need attractive yet effective ways to expose a message.

Stand out from the crowd and grab the public’s attention! That’s your mission. Learn how to achieve it by knowing what are the 4 tools, described below, to get your fashion blog to begin its road in becoming a popular platform on the industry.

  1. Press Release
  2. Research
  3. Photo opportunity
  4. Video opportunity
















Provide the media channels you want to appeal with some excitement. It’s an official tool to deliver information to formal media channels.

This will make your Public Relations announcement more considerable to be published and therefore, your blog to be known at a macro level.

Here’s an example of a correct template or format (link)












Become a trusted source. In order to be considered for the media to publish anything from your blog, you need to build credibility. How? Simple, research, research, research.

A message based on facts has more chances to be seen by the public, so make sure you use the right vocabulary and NEVER LIE ABOUT YOUR SUCCESS AS A BLOGGER.

The world is very small, and the least people you think may have a close connection to people that know your reality well, and this could end your career.



As a blogger, especially a fashion blogger, visuals are essential to catch the audience’s attention, especially the media. When it comes to your blog and the content you want to promote, your social media speaks as your resume.

Take your social media to the next level! Especially your Instagram, because it’s an app that focuses on the visual details, and therefore, consumers through this app define a brand’s image by being their feed.











This is an opportunity for you to develop your next campaign or client, so make sure to focus on the quality more than the quantity.

Aimee Song, author of the blog Song of Style has an excellent resource to get your Instagram game on point. (Find it here- link)



With this point, we arrive to the Video Opportunity, where social media is also a key to present your creation in a creative and strategic way to grab the media or brands attention.

If pictures are not your tea in a cup, you may try out the filming technique. Its more interactive and it opens you the door to other possibilities of delivering a strong public relations message.

Choose your favorite if you must, but let me tell you, the combination of all these tools is very powerful to achieve your desired results and get your blog on every conversation.

Make sure to complement this info with my article on 5 PR Qualities You Ned For Your Next Fashion Business, and know more about how to strengthen your relationship with the media.

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