Exploring Art & Finding Your Identity

Exploring Art & Finding Your Identity

Yes, you read it well, you truly create your identity because you choose to be whoever and whatever you want.

Part of the process of finding yourself is understanding that creativity is not an act of magic to serve our selfish desires, but an act of collaboration through which we discover ideas, nurture them and make them our own.

We have to have a mission that serves others in order to find completion in life. When we serve, we understand our purpose and it makes us feel useful.

Art has been a great part of my sense of self, growing up and using it as a shield to hide my comfort zone where I only felt safe being authentic. Now that we have more freedom to express our ideas, it’s a lot easier to be who we are and to live unapologetically about our personalities.

How do you find your identity? Mainly being honest with yourself. Accepting your flaws as assets and not overthinking about the circumstances we live.

Art is a tool to express what can’t be verbalized, and certainly it helped me understand my mission, vision, and my identity.

Another way you can explore and let your mind and creative flow is by writing down your thoughts every day. This helps exercise the brain and keeping the mind without overweight (which tends to cause anxiety).

Some of the habits that have helped me are:

  • Meditating
  • Painting
  • Collage art
  • Writing


I hope you enjoyed this article. Comment below, what do you do for your creative flow.





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