The “Must Read” Books For Fashion Bloggers

The “Must Read” Books For Fashion Bloggers

When it comes to learning about the blogging industry to build an empire, there are various tools that are essential to obtain the adequate information and guidance.

Just like for every industry, to develop a digital business there’s a lot of research required. It’s important to know what tools and updates are the most functional for our own platforms.

Before launching my blog, I relied on various resources to learn how to build it from scratch and later, how to keep up with the strategies and marketing game. Out of all the information obtained, these books were the most helpful.

If you want to launch a digital fashion business like a blog or a store, I guarantee that these books will give you the guidance you hoped for. And heads up! These books are not only great for aspiring fashion entrepreneurs, but also for almost any digital business, whether if it’s beauty, career based, journalism, etc.

Hope you enjoy!

Blogging your way to the front row

Written by the author and founder of Style Coallition, Yuli Ziv, this book covers the basic terms and techniques you need to launch a profitable online business. If you’re at a beginner level and have no idea where to start, this is a great resource. Buy it here.

Millionaire Influencer: 50 steps to your online empire

Inspired by her first masterpiece, Yuli Ziv wrote this second version based on the key elements you need to position yourself in the blogging industry as a successful entrepreneur. Some of the topics covered in this book are: How to develop a content strategy, how to build and manage an online reputation, and how to grow and manage relationships with followers. Buy it here.

Capture your style

From the creator of the successful fashion blog “Song of Style” Aimee Song brings you a colorful and interactive book that will help you step up your Instagram game. It’s full of tips and tricks that are important to transform and manage your Instagram account appropriately. Buy it here.

Making Ideas Happen

Founder and CEO of Behance, Scott Belsky, wrote this book with the purpose of helping you to get organized and ready to implement your business strategies. His ideas and tips will help you be more productive and let your creative mind flow. Buy it here.


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