80’s Inpired Street Style

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There’s a reason why the 80’s decade was so popular; we all love the music, so much we even sing the songs in the shower, at least I do.

But the 80’s hit the fashion industry with innovative creations big time, because most of the popular trends we know were born in this decade like the mini skirts and the oversized shirts.

Others, like some used in this outfit, became very popular and renewed by many public figures and celebrities.

As every look, this outfit presents the 3 main characteristics that define the ModaChela style: Comfortable, Minimalist, and Multitasking.

Beginning with some black ancle boots, these are great for when you want to look casual but still put together. It combines comfort and style for a unique set of footwear.

The next piece is my ultime favorite trend, the high waisted jeans. These are not only comfortable, but they’re a multitasking garment that you can wear with almost any piece in your closet.

Following the rockstar vibe, I decided to tie up a plaid long sleeve shirt in my waist, and wore a cropped spaghetti strap blouse, which is perfect for my fellow Caribbean gals that live in a hot climate.

For the hair, I created soft wavy curls that present a distressed and messy look.

Finally, I decided to kick this look up a notch with another of my favorite trends, this time integrating the 90’s with a black leather choker.

Hope you feel inspired and get lots of ideas for your next outfit,

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