5 Tactics To Stay Organized

5 Tactics To Stay Organized

Staying organized and productive is as tricky as getting that sleek hair bun right… if you know what I mean.

It takes time to stick to a certain routine (some studies say 21 days is the magic number), and therefore, it could seem challenging to follow at the beginning.

What’s great about sticking to a routine is that it keeps you focused, which enhances your productivity level from one to ten.

However, not everybody knows how to start, so here are 5 tactics that may help you become more focused and therefore, increase your productivity to get things done:

  1. Wake up early: It might sound like the 10,000th time you’ve heard this, BUT IT’S TRUE. Waking up early helps you start your day with more time for you, whether you want to do a quick workout, listen to a podcast or read a good book.

  1. Make your to do lists: Create 2 lists, 1 for top tasks that are priority and 1 for the ones that could be finished last.

  1. Keep a timer at hand: Having a timer for every task keeps you focused to finish it on time, and that way you get to procrastinate less.

  1. Meditate often: It keeps you calm and focused.

  1. Keep yourself hydrated: Water helps you function. So, just drink it. But really, if you want your brain happy, and have more energy, hydration is the way to go (not 5 coffees).

If you’ve tried any of these, comment down below or which one would you try.


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