5 PR Qualities You Need For Your Next Fashion Business Relationship

5 PR Qualities You Need For Your Next Fashion Business Relationship

In the fashion industry, the most important achievement for a brand is to be recognized by the majority of the population, making their products and services noticeable in the market.

Public Relations in fashion work to strengthen a brand’s image, and therefore, its credibility building a group of loyal customers that maintain the company’s reputation solid in the industry.

There are various tools that PR uses to promote a brand or company’s work, some of the most known are: press releases, advertising campaigns, and building media relations.

If I had to choose which of these methods is the most important to maintain, I would choose building media relations, without a doubt.

When you develop relationships, you gain more than just a working partner in the business, you acquire a person to whom you’ll rely on the continuous growth of you’re company’s public image, especially if it’s a relationship between your brand and the media.

By now you might still doubt on what exactly is a business relationship, don’t worry, by the end of this article you’ll be far ahead on this topic.

The business relationship is an association between two people of different companies who reach a level of comfort, and who cooperate by sharing assistance, information, and logistics to achieve a common goal that benefits both parties (Sherman & Perlman, 2008).

With this said, here are five (5) PR qualities you should definitely practice to achieve a successful business relationship.


1. Identify one or various points of interest

Like every relationship, it begins with creating chemistry by establishing a conversation based on everything you have in common with another person.

Sharing preferences, views, or both helps get to know the other person as an entrepreneur, and most importantly, as a person.

How can you find these points of interest? You may ask, simple, start by creating a conversation, listening, and observing what that person reflects, this way you identify some of the immediate characteristics that define him or her.

This will help you begin to think, how can you help each other out, and what is the best way?

2. Play for your team

Companionship is an excellent characteristic that maximizes your relationship with the media, and helps your public relations campaign to grow.

Without communication, there’s no relationship. Without respect, there’s no love. Without trust, there’s no reason to continue. – Anonymous

Being on the same team, means you’re building a relationship based on trust, where each side will look out for each other’s benefits, making sure their necessities are fulfilled.


3. Stay true to you values

Being honest from day one can save your gut from many embarrassing situations.

Having a transparent profile and being loyal to what you believe in as an entrepreneur and as a brand, can help you save time, money and a cranky law suit.

It will certainly reinforce your business’ credibility, and with this, you’ll attract media, companies or even investors that genuinely believe in your work.


4. Find creative ways to stay in touch

Creating an effective business relationship doesn’t occur from one day to another, and when acquired, it’s certainly is a lot of work to maintain.

It’s important to make sure that, even after helping each other on a project or campaign, you should keep in touch.

This will reflect a sincere and friendly image rather than a selfish one, where you run off after getting what you desired. Trust me, that will be the beginning of the end for your career.

Maintaining good communication with your business partner, always benefits your company, although it may not always bee so simple.

Some of the ways you could integrate to your communications strategy are: A thank you note for covering your story, a congratulations note for any work or promotion the other person has achieved, or even some valuable tips that can benefit his or her career.


5. Ethics define your credibility as a brand

An ethics guide provides protection, and helps to preserve a healthy business relationship.

Ethics can be compared with a fine line, if you cross it, you brake the circle of trust you engaged with your potential client or investor.

The best way to maintain your ethical guideline intact, is by accomplishing what’s promised.

This reflects your commitment to the business, to your partner, and most importantly, to your brand.

By applying these tips to your next business relationship, you’ll feel more focused on your goals and what you want for your brand to succed.


Sherman, G. J., & Perlman, S. S. (2010). Fashion public relations. New York: Fairchild Books.


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