5 Ways To Wear Tank Tops

5 Ways To Wear Tank Tops

The truth about repeating outfits
Ladies, hunt your closets! As a fashion lover and cloth addict, I’ve learned that sometimes, even the simplest pieces of cloth can help you create a great look, one that can be attractive, yet practical to create multiple outfits.

Most of the time we’re stressing out about fitting in with the latest trends and most of all, having a variety of looks throughout the week, I mean hands down! We’re not ok with repeating the same outfit more than twice a week.

But here’s the good news! You can certainly use a fashion garment multiple times to create different looks, whether it’s a shirt, a skirt, or even your favorite jeans.

Tank tops are one of those pieces that are easy to find in stores, very affordable and great to build a casual or even a more sophisticated look, besides, it’s that piece that we all have in our closets in a variety of colors.

Here are some ideas that can hopefully inspire you to use them more often:


1. Embrace those jeans!
Take out your favorite pair and combine them with a white tank top, creating a simple and casual outfit that’s great for college, running errands, or just staying home getting some work done.

This is a great look to stay confortable while still looking put together, which is a plus if you suddenly have to get out of the house or even if you get a surprise visitor.

2. If you live in a hot or tropical climate like myself, let those legs breathe

A pair of high rise shorts go perfect with a bright tank top.


3. Add some layers
A great way to pump up a simple look is adding some layers, a kimono is a garment that brings an outfit to life, with wearable patterns and bright colors that suit almost any casual outfit.

If you’re not a kimono kind of girl, don’t worry, you can still rock the layers.

4. Following the denim line

Another way to vary your casual style is with a denim cropped vest, this time try to change the tank top color.

Sleveless Denim Jacket

5. Dress formal easily
Don’t be afraid to go bold. Wear a midi skirt and add your favorite statement necklace.

The star of the show was found in the store For Ever 21, but be free to choose any place that is of your preference and make sure to get them in a bunch of colors, that way you’ll have more choices and more looks for the week.


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