5 Easy Steps for Clear Skin

5 Easy Steps for Clear Skin

As you all know, I’ve been obsessed with beauty and skincare for years, ever since I started to suffer from a very bad acne stage that traumatized me. I started researching and figuring out possibilities to eliminate this terrible condition that we all hate and run away from. Sadly, it wasn’t as easy, but good news! I figured out a formula that consists of 5 easy steps.

Of course, these steps are based on my experience with my skin, but you can see positive results if you apply them carefully to take care of your skin needs.

1.Drink green tea

We’ve all heard it before: To get clear skin, you must hydrate! That for sure is a very important fact, but here’s a way of complementing your water intakes: Green tea! It’s a very powerful source of antioxidants that will detoxify your body from the inside out, helping not only your skin but your overall health and body functions to help them work properly.

2. Stay active

Exercising every day may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but staying active in any way that makes you feel happy and energized is very important. Find an activity that fits your preferences and make it a part of your routine. Having a good-sweaty workout at least 2 or 3 times a week helps to liberate toxins and excess liquid that can contribute to symptoms like bloating or inflammation.

3. Don’t pick your skin

Now, this was a tough one for me growing up. It’s just irresistible to see a pimple and wanting to pop it off of your skin, but what this does is retract us 10 steps back of our skin recuperation process. It causes inflammation, and most of all, hyperpigmentation which we all know it takes forever to get rid of, so don’t pop that pimple! Let it heal on its own with the right treatment products like salicylic acid or any recommended product that your Dermatologist may suggest. If you’re not sure how to treat your skin, go to your doctor and prevent future damages that may be irreversible.

4. Give your skin a break from makeup

Ok, so I know this might be the hardest for most of you since a lot of people rely on makeup for work, events, and other activities during the day. But take at least one or two days off during the week and leave your skin makeup-free. It helps your pores to breathe and it gives it a restart. Trust me, your skin will thank you.

5. Know your skin

Sometimes you might wonder:

“Why the hell does this product doesn’t work?” “I pay a lot of money for this treatment and it didn’t do a thing.”

Well, maybe it’s because it isn’t the right product or method for your skin type. Knowing your skin is essential to find adequate products and to get the best results. For me, sulfate gives me a terrible breakout allergy, so I stay away from products that include it. Visit your dermatologist and get an orientation on what is your skin type and what products or ingredients are the right ones for you.

I hope you enjoyed this post if you did, comment below: what did you learn? Or what tips, from the ones mentioned above, you’ve just known of for the first time?

I hope to hear from you soon



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