4 Boots Styles You Need In Your Wardrobe

4 Boots Styles You Need In Your Wardrobe

Boots are a must in my shoe collection. Although it can be challenging to style them for every day, a good way to create a variety of outfits, without looking repetitive or boring, is having different black boots styles (a versatile color that helps create multiple looks from day to night).

When it comes to purchasing a pair of boots, it’s important to take into consideration where you live, what are the climate conditions, and what is your most active daily activity.

Having to walk around 15 to 30 minutes every day to the conservatory and living in a city like New York, I own a few pairs of boots that help me face any unpredictable weather changes.

Here’s how I style 4 pairs of black boots:

  • Ankle Booties: Perfect to add a touch of elegance to a casual look. (Sam Edelman)
  • High Knee Boots: For those chilly days, pair some high knee boots with your favorite turtle neck and coat. These are always great for a night out . (For Ever 21)
  • Bold Boots: Look like a fashion blogger instantly! These snake print booties are perfect to add a statement pattern to your neutral or monochrome look. (Sam Edelman)
  • The rain boots: It’s always good to be prepared. A pair of rain boots can’t be missing in your closet. These are stylish and practical to never let a rainy day ruin your look. (Sam Edelman)

I hope you enjoyed these looks.

Make sure to comment which one is your favorite!



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