How To Create 3 Looks Using 1 Dress

How To Create 3 Looks Using 1 Dress

One of the biggest challenges all fashion lovers face is how to be versatile. How can we make the best out of our wardrobes without having to spend money constantly?

It may seem like a never ending puzzle at first, but one thing we learn from experience is that there’s always a way to make it work.

Style can vary

Clearly, style can be very difficult to understand, not only because of the quantity of trends introduced day by day, but also because as we change our style changes.

As a fashionista, I’ve learned that there’s no need to label your way of dressing in order to fit in, instead the more you embrace your uniqueness, the more you’ll be noticed.

I’ve also learned that when it comes to dressing to impress, being practical always comes first (that’s actually my little secret).

Being practical is essential

How can we be practical in fashion? Here I show you an example of how you can use 1 dress to create 3 looks using 1 dress for three different occasions.

This is a perfect idea for when you’re traveling and you don’t want to carry so much in your bag, or when you just have a low budget.

Sometimes, instead of spending money in several items, It’s better to buy one good piece that can combine with other items in your wardrobe.

Without further do, here’s how to create 3 looks using 1 dress, featuring the star of the show: A blue and white stripe dress from Zara.


LOOK 1: Work Appropriately

Break the rules! Convert your dress into a blazer or coat (make sure it’s a buttoned dress). I paired it with some black pants from GAP, a knitted blouse from For Ever 21, and my warrior inspired Idore heels by Novus.

christmas backdrops

bridesmaid dresses

LOOK 2: A Coffe Break

Dresses and sneakers are in! This combination takes your look from dressy to casual, being perfect for daily activities like grabbing a coffee or going for brunch.

I paired it with some Kenneth Cole Sneakers from Novus.


LOOK 3: A Night Out

From a dress to a blouse in seconds. Again, don’t be afraid to break the rules, instead let your ideas flow and get creative with other items in your closet.

This time I paired it with a black midi skirt, also from Zara, with some medium chunky heels from La Favorita and created a more sophisticated outfit thats perfect for a night out, meeting or special event.

And there you have it, how to create 3 looks using 1 dress.

Hope you enjoyed these tips!

Don’t forget to share you final looks with me (Tag me on social media).

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look 1 : Black Idoré Heels

look 2: Kenneth Cole Sneakers




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