10 Must Have Items For Your Fall Outfits Of This Season

10 Must Have Items For Your Fall Outfits Of This Season

As the fall season approaches, so as the fashion.

What I love about fall fashion is that there’s a cozy element in every outfit that makes me feel comfortable and ready. For me, fall fashion is about key pieces that give you warmth and comfort while having your sex and the city moment.

Here are my top 10 fall items for this season:

  1. Turtlenecks (in earthy tones) [Options]
  2. High waist black jeans (they give an elegant touch to any outfit) [Options]
  3. Coats, coats, coats! Play with them. I like to have a long one and a lightweight-short one like a blazer to complement my looks. [Options]
  4. Boots (they keep your feet warm while looking fashion. Who doesn’t want that? [Options]
  5. Scarf (these can help you play with color for your outfits) [Options]
  6. Joggers (for a casual but cool look for the daytime) [Options]
  7. Cardigans (just in case you’re not a fan of the blazers. And if you are, you should try adding these to your looks too). [Options]
  8. Basic Cropped tops (yes! You read right. These tops go underneath of your warm layers, so if you get to a place that’s super duper hot, you still look cute). [Options]
  9. White Sneakers (These give you a sporty look with all the comfort). [Options]
  10. Black Blazer (Goes with everything. Period) [Options]

I hope you enjoyed these tips and apply them to your fall looks.


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