Work, Work, Work Those Layers!

Work, Work, Work Those Layers!

In fact, this year Puerto Rico’s climate has been surprisingly cooler than ever, and that has made me very exited.

Usually, living under 80 to 100 degrees can certainly put me down, the heat just kills me.

This year’s month of January has brought me back my college years: living at Indiana, walking through Purdue’s campus filled with inches and inches of snow, such a lovely time in my life.

Of course, the winter in Puerto Rico could be compared to a very hot summer in Indiana, but it still reminded me of the experience.

What I mostly miss is the style, but layers just got back!

I could’t and will never wear as much as I like here in PR, but I still got inspired into thinking I was in New York, or even somewhere I could full fill my winter fashion vibes.

This look is the result, hope you enjoy it as much as I did, or maybe inspire you to try that street walk.

Here it is!






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