How to Shop The Right Way at a Drugstore?

How to Shop The Right Way at a Drugstore?

Either if the trust in certain renowned brands or saving money, drugstores always catch our eyes.

With a wide range of products, we can cover almost every necessity, especially related to beauty and health.

Even though the main reason we visit them is thanks to their money saving deals, ironically, we can go overboard splurging our budgets.

We’ve all been there! Entering the closest Walgreens or CVS with the thought: “I’m just here for one thing” and then we hear our worst nightmare: “That will be $87.00 please.”

We always spend more than we should. It doesn’t mean we will get everything we need at only $10, but here’s how you can spend your money wisely at a drugstore.

These must haves will complete your beauty routines, making them worth the money:

1. Dry Shampoo

Hairpieces for men uk

















This product is essential to absorb excess oil on the scalp, it’s great for second to third day hair, when the natural oils start to flow and show. This brand has definitely kept up with my daily errands, leaving my hair soft and clean. (Find it here)

2. Cuticle oil

















When it comes to healthy nails and long-lasting nail polish, it all comes from the care you take with them. This product is magical! It nourishes the cuticles and strengthen the nails leaving them salon ready. (Find it here)

3. Long lasting nail polish

















Having a high-quality nail polish can save you money and time, especially money. The best part about gel nail polish is that it lasts on your nails a fair amount of time, in my experience a week and a half without chipping. Now that’s a deal! (Find it here)

4. Micellar water

















A great two in one product, this time a cleanser as well as a makeup remover. Micellar water never fails! Especially when it comes to taking off your makeup gently without stripping your skin’s natural moisture. (Find it here)

5. Lip balm











Let’s never ignore the lips! They always need their treatment and care. This product helps mine from over drying. No more chapped lips! (Find it here)

6. SPF


















Believe it or not, the sun can hit you when you least expect it. We’ve all heard about how dangerous UVS rays are to the skin, so let’s not play with it. Protecting your skin is essential, especially to evade dark spots, and premature signs of aging. (Find it here)

7. Hair mask











Instead of buying bottles and bottles of conditioner, buy a good hair mask instead. Hair masks last longer and penetrate deeper into our hair strands, making the treatment even better and more effective without using as much product. (Find it Here)

I hope you enjoyed these tips and helps you get a better experience the next time you buy fat your nearest drugstore.

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