Dress In 5 Wearing 5: “Casual Meeting”

Dress In 5 Wearing 5: “Casual Meeting”

To start the day right, there are a few tips I recommend to save time, and be more productive.

For example, having your outfit ready the night before helps you focus on being more organized and getting your work properly done for the day.

Fashion is a powerful instrument that can lead us to feel like we can conquer the world, especially if we wear garments that empower our personality and self esteem, because feeling confident about ourselves is a key to reflect a positive image when developing a potential business relationship.

Here’s a look ideal for a casual meeting, that uses 5 pieces and it only takes you 5 minutes to get ready.

This outfit is minimalist, and very comfortable, great for a busy day.

I hope that this inspires you to be more confident and helps you create your next “I will meet my next sponsor” kind of look.

I know you will!


short prom dress

Check out this Dresses And Sneakers post to see other options on how to wear this sleeveless white blazer with a different outfit for a more casual-street style look.

Make sure to comment below what are your favorite garments to wear on a casual meeting, and feel free to make suggestions on your ideal outfit for this ocassion.








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