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How To Create 3 Looks Using 1 Dress

One of the biggest challenges all fashion lovers face is how to be versatile. How can we make the best out of our wardrobes without having to spend money constantly? It may seem like a…

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2 Ways To Style High Waisted Shorts For Summer

As intriguing as it sounds, wearing your bathing suit all summer might be one of the biggest cravings for this season’s hot weather.  Take a moment for a sec and think: Can you wear your…

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My 5 Traveling Essentials PLUS A Bonus Tip.

Especially when it comes the time to pack the most important items for the trip. My style is versatile and the items I wear varies depending on my destiny. However, there are the essentials that…

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5 2017 Runway Trends Combined Into One Look

What’s interesting is how engaged we can become to those trends as an audience of consumers. Even though we’re aware that those trends might change in a few months, we’re still able to adopt them…

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3 Items That Saved My Looks For Fashion Week

As a Fashionista, I’ve learned that the secret to life is simple: A couple of basic items can actually help you create multiple looks. As hard or impossible as it sounds, knowing what essentials pieces…

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