The Best Platform For Style Inspiration

The Best Platform For Style Inspiration

Every art discipline has a structure, one that’s composed by multiple stages which are based on creativity.

Creativity is an overrated concept. It has been used for decades as a main description for every work of art.

What it implies is knowledge, and applying that knowledge to the ideas you visualize and want to make them work.

As a fashion addict, being creative can be quite challenging, even though I work in this industry.

As part of my job, I need to be constantly educating myself on the latest dress designers, trends, and businesses that influence and establish a social impact.

Style is unique. Everyone has its own, and that’s what makes fashion so spectacular, it serves as a tool to make an individual’s image speak for itself.

Creating your style is part of a long process. It takes several stages to achieve and find the one that best suits your personality, and sometimes we don’t find it anywhere, we create it.

I don’t have a specific concept to define my style, but it can be described as fun and interactive. Usually I would wear a neutral outfit with a pop of color or texture, which adds a touch of vibrance that can be visually attractive.

To feel inspired and create a variety of looks, I mostly search for blogs and influencers to have ideas.

Most of these platforms are based on fashion content, but feel free to use any kind of information, as long as it makes you feel productive and keeps your mind active.

Another way to look for inspirations and outfit ideas is developing a style board. A style board is a space used to pick anything you like to help you visualize a look combining different garments and accessories.

For me, the fashion blog called Man Repeller, has reminded me how great and special is to be who you are, regardless where you come from.

Ever since I discovered Leandra Medine, the author, founder and CEO of Man Repeller, I began dressing for myself, instead of trying to fit in with what society had established in terms of what to wear.

What I mostly admire of her is her confidence with style, not being afraid to express herself, and use fashion as her canvas to transmit her inspirations and ideas, which is the focus of her blog.

Her style is very eclectic, yet she knows how to rock it because she feels great in it.

That’s the secret to shout out to the world what you wear, feeling great in it.

Leandra inspired me to, not necessarily wear a Man Repeller look every day, but to not be afraid of going bold.

Wishing to be in New York Fashion Week right now, I created this look as my Man Repeller version of a chic and bold outfit, one that can be used to rock the streets and get everyone’s attention, after all, life is our runway.

Make your own rules, have an open mind, and always be the best part of yourself, despite what anyone believes.



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