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About Me

My name is Graciela Rivera Pereira, founder and editor of my blog ModaChela. I’m a Public Relations Licensed, and worked as a Social Media Manager for a Shoe retail company in Puerto Rico, where I got very involved in the fashion industry. I graduated from the School of Communication of the University of Puerto Rico with a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations and Advertising, and later finished my Master’s Degree in Digital Journalism. I’m currently living in NYC studying acting in a specialized conservatory, working towards one of my dream careers.


What is ModaChela about?

A bilingual blog that presents contemporary style tips, and effective beauty hacks with the focus to help create looks that highlight comfort and apply beauty tips that are easy and effective. My mission is to make women feel inspired and more confident to express the best version of themselves. On the other hand, my vision is to offer, as an educated consumer,  clear, concise and relevant information to an audience in a way that it can be easily understood and apply it to their lifestyles.

What does ModaChela mean?

Moda is the reference for fashion, style or what’s in trend in Spanish while Chela stands for the nick name my grandfather gave me, adopted by my friends and family members.

The union of both represents the purpose and direction of the blog’s content, presenting the latest style trends and beauty tips from my perspective and how I adopt them for my lifestyle.

How was ModaChela born?

At 21 years of age, when I was in a student exchange program in Purdue University, I discovered the world of blogging and YouTube when I explored the Internet during my free time. Feeling passionate about communications and media, I instantly felt intrigued by this platform, where thousands of young girls developed unique content that served as guides and eventually purchase motivations to try on the latest products and trends.

When the semester ended, it meant the end of the exchange program and going back to college in Puerto Rico to graduate. As soon as I returned, I worked on my first internship in an advertising agency as a PR Assistant and Event Planner.

Having such a good experience, I decided to keep on working in advertising, but it wasn’t long after I felt so disappointed on how companies kept on running their businesses, without wanting to evolve with the emerging changes in the industry (especially in the digital area). This convinced me that it was a toxic environment which I didn’t wanted to be a part of.

In 2016, living in a difficult economic crisis in Puerto Rico, competition had increased and there were very few job vacancies. As a result, I decided to create her own job opportunity, that’s when ModaChela was born.

Ever since I launched my blog, focusing in the latest fashion and beauty trends, I have collaborated with multiple brands such as Pandora, Sally Hansen, and Colgate, and have been invited to various events by renowned PR and Advertising agencies in Puerto Rico.

Some of the topics you’ll find are beauty tips, fashion dupes to wear the trend with low budget options, and even woman in the business along with their stories on how they became successful in the fashion or beauty industry.

A side from the Editor: 10 facts about me

  1. I’ve been a vegetarian for 3 years.
  2. Acting, Fashion and Media Communications such a TV and Radio are my passions.
  3. I’m petite and proud (5’2)
  4. I’m Aquarius (shout out to my Aquarians!)
  5. I love going out to eat.
  6. I live in NYC
  7. I’m bilingual (English & Spanish)
  8. My parents were actors (I guess that’s where I got my artistic vein)
  9. I’m obsessed with collecting tea cups and crystals.
  10. Meditation is an important part of my morning routine.


I invite you to see how I go through life’s most interesting moments, adopting beauty as my weapon and fashion as my voice. – Graciela Rivera Pereira


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