My 5 Traveling Essentials PLUS A Bonus Tip.

My 5 Traveling Essentials PLUS A Bonus Tip.

Especially when it comes the time to pack the most important items for the trip.

My style is versatile and the items I wear varies depending on my destiny.

However, there are the essentials that never leave my bag when I travel.

These 5 items are my must haves, which also cover the beauty and fashion department.

Take a look at the products that I swear by for whenever I leave the country, and see how you can get a sense of inspiration for your next trip.

Bon voyage!

1. A good pair of jeans

Jeans can save your life! As you may know by now, I rave about them constantly, just because they’re the most practical items in your wardrobe. You can combine them with anything and create a look that goes from day to night.

2. Sunnies

Give your eyes a rest. A trick to get away with no eye makeup is accessorizing. Rock the no makeup look and have a fresh face instead.

3. Micellar Water

Who has time for the same 15 minute routine to remove your makeup at night? Not when your traveling! That’s the least thing you want to think about. Micellar Water is great at removing dirt and deep cleansing your skin. So make your night easy, with just one step.

4. Lip balm

Another trick to rock the no makeup look: glossy lips with a good lip product. Traveling can also dehydrate your skin severely, especially your lips. Get your favorite lip treatment and stick with it during your whole trip.

5. A bag that can carry it all

Last but not least, the bag. When going traveling, you’ve gotta have a bag that can fit in all your essentials in. Clothes, passport, make up, shoes?! Get a stylish bag big enough to fit it all in and you’re ready to travel in style. Leather is the best material for luggage and travel bags, find out more here.

BONUS TIP: MAHI leather bags are a great gift idea for Father’s Day. Personalize it, and make it special.

If you’re interested in any of the products in this article, make sure to check the links below:

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  3. Garnier – Micellar Cleansing Water |
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  5. MAHI Leather Bag – The Columbus | / The Classic Wash Bag |


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