5 2017 Runway Trends Combined Into One Look

5 2017 Runway Trends Combined Into One Look

What’s interesting is how engaged we can become to those trends as an audience of consumers.

Even though we’re aware that those trends might change in a few months, we’re still able to adopt them as part of our routines.

What does it make trends so desirable?

Does their values lies in their timeframe? Does not knowing how long they last, makes us feel the need to own them in some way?

Or is it that we feel the need to be accepted by what the majority have adopted?

Could be one or the other, could be both.

One thing I’m certain of is that trends are meant to establish a message, to speak and give a voice to express inspiration, ideas, and thoughts that create an influence.

In fashion, trends mostly express an artist’s point of view based on their version of beauty or even a necessity developed by climate change.

This year’s runway trends are all about textures and colors, which I was inspired by to style this look, with 5 of the most popular beauty and fashion trends from 2017’s fashion runways.

Don’t limit yourself to one trend, throw on 5 instead. Get creative! And feel free to develop infinite combinations.



1. Slip ons: Kenneth Cole by Galeria


human braiding hair

2. Blunt fringe | 3. Red bold lips


4. Dress: Prombee


two piece prom gown UK

5. Statement Tassel Earrings: Valija Gitana



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