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5 Essential Items For The Fall Season

5 Essential Items For The Fall Season

The fall season has arrived! And with that, comes an upgrade to our wardrobes. Most of you might be doubting what items are suitable for fall and what items are exclusively for winter? The transition between one season to another can be a bit confusing since in both we experience similar temperatures (at least in most countries).

The following list will guide you through the items needed in your wardrobes for this season.

1. The Cardigan

A basic item you can combine with any outfit while keeping you warm.

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2. Sweaters

These are great to play with layering.

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3. Turtlenecks

These are my favorite! They’re cozy, warm, and look chic. They give you extra coverage in the chest and neck to keep you warm during those windy days.

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4. The Coat

An affordable option, in terms of the material, is Polyester. Wool is a great choice of material, but it can be very expensive (especially if you’re on a budget).

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5. Boots

You can choose between high knee, or the traditional ankle boots. If you live in a place with unpredictable weather (like New York), a pair of rain or water-resistant boots is a must.

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